Benefits for owners

We guarantee a safe, controlled and timely management of the lease, in addition to the return in perfect condition of the leased property. The tenants who live in our apartments are all students, carefully selected. We enter into regular 4 + 4 year rental contracts with them. The owner is free from any management charge, we are responsible for all bureaucratic and administrative obligations. Any problem related to the lease is resolved by contacting one of our interlocutors at your disposal. The apprtamento is kept in perfect condition throughout the course of the contract: thanks to our cleaning service every 15 days we are able to monitor the state of the building and the tenants constantly

Long-term and constant income, no intermediation costs

Guarantee of a serious and professional interlocutor

Regular contracts registered with the Inland Revenue

Cleaning common parts every 15 days via company

Guaranteed reliability tenants

Apartments already furnished, no further costs.

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